is a non-profit organization dedicated to healing families by helping children and adults recognize and overcome parental rejection. Mission Our mission is to educate and transform prejects into PROs (parental rejection overcomers) via a suite of instructional services. Purpose Our purpose is to establish healthy parent-child relationships informed by God's original design and intent. Vision Our vision is to provide preject training for 1 billion people worldwide. Values Intense - We maintain consistent effort and focus to overcome prejection Intrepid - We take risks sharing the good news about overcoming prejection Inspirational - We inspire prejects to live from a whole soul Innovative - We make technology our friend to teach the word Informal - We cultivate and protect a relaxed atmosphere Instructional - We teach practical G.R.A.C.E. step applications Intimate - We foster connection between and among prejects Intuitive - We value the inner voice of the soul Intentional - We pursue soul wholeness on purpose International - We contend for the wellness of 1 billion prejects worldwide What We Champion Accountability - rather than blaming parents, we train prejects to identify the effects of parental rejection in their lives, take responsibility for their own healing, and become accountable to God and self. Authenticity - at we instruct from our pain. As a result, those running from their feelings run right into them on our site, at our gatherings, and in our materials; and if they are honest, they will change. Amazement - without the amazing G.R.A.C.E. of God we could not do what we do. Always, in small, unexpected ways, and sometimes in gigantic ones, you will experience the G.R.A.C.E. of God.

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