When a parent neglects, abuses, or abandons a child that rejection creates an inner deficit affecting multiple areas of that child’s life into adulthood. By conservative estimates there are some 1 billion prejects in the world, with more than 100 million in the United States alone. And this problem is not restricted or indicated by race, gender, religion, sexuality, or national origin. Prejection doesn't discriminate; nor should we as we mobilize to eradicate it. Data from the Fathers & Families Coalition and Unicef confirm that:
  • More than 30 million American kids live daily with rejection from their fathers
  • 85% of all school kids exhibiting behavioral disorders are prejects
  • 90% of all homeless runaways are prejects
  • 71% of all high school dropouts are prejects
  • 85% of all youth offenders are prejects
  • More than 208 children around the world have been orphaned
The statistics are staggering, and research shows that children who have been rejected by and are disconnected from a parent develop a constellation of behaviors and personality traits that include:
  • Hostility
  • Dependency
  • Low self esteem
  • Emotional instability
  • Emotional unresponsiveness
  • Negative worldview
This ‘preject syndrome’ has been shown by research to adversely affect performance in school, self-perception, and social behavior, leading to unfavorable outcomes in every major area of life and wreaking particular havoc on:
  • Marriages & family relationships
  • Career satisfaction levels
  • Achievement
  • Parenting practices and outcomes
  • The ability to fully connect with others on a meaningful level
We believe the key to:
  • Improving academic performance
  • Inspiring civic responsibility and pride
  • Fostering positive community
  • Building strong and productive families
Is to protect children from parental rejection, and help preject parents and preject children heal from and overcome prejection. Why You Should Get Involved: While there is a clearly defined scientific research correlation between parental rejection and undesirable personal behaviors and social consequences, there are currently no other organizations on the frontlines attacking parental rejection with a view toward eliminating its deleterious personal and social consequences. This is why you should get involved in prejects.org. Your involvement today can help:
  • Change the lives of more than 100 million children & adults in America, and as many as 1 billion around the world
  • Strengthen marriages and families in America and around the world
  • Improve school performance in America and around the world
  • Reduce crime in America and around the world
  • Improve life quality in America and around the world by repairing damaged souls
  • Empower children & adults in America and around the world by reconnecting them to their source

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