is a non-profit instructional services organization. We exist to serve an under diagnosed and therefore underserved population by providing tools and systems to accurately diagnose and effectively treat parental rejection.  When a parent neglects, abuses, or abandons a child, that rejection disconnects that child from his/her source. The unnatural disconnect from biological parent is symptomatic & predictive of the inner disconnect from sources of power, support, identity, and fulfillment in adult life.

By working with schools, government agencies, correctional institutions, churches, community organizations, corporate entities, the arts & entertainment sector, and the media, we bring the following instructional services to the people who need them most, both diagnosed and undiagnosed prejects:

  • Jr., Sr. High Schools & Colleges – Preject Seminars; Student Curriculum; small/support group resources, formation, training & consultation.
  • Government – Curriculum; training; consultation; assessment tools.
  • Correctional Institutions – Preject Seminars; Student Curriculum; small group resources & support; assessment tools; consultation.
  • Churches – Preject Seminars & Parental Rejection Revivals; Devotionals; Small Group/Sunday School Curriculum; Leadership Training; Preject Ministry design & support; Pulpit Supply.
  • Community Organizations – Preject Seminars; Event Support; Assessment Tools; Consultation.
  • Corporate – Seminars & motivational speaking; group resources; training & consultation.
  • Arts & Entertainment – Mentoring Partnerships; Counseling; Consultation.
  • Media – Access; Consultation.
Click on the links below to discover what we offer for each specific service.

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