abused child, meeting my father, forgiving my father, getting along with my father, reconcile with my father, parental rejectionThis is how we can help you and your students.

Are you interested in improving the inner lives of your students in order to make them better scholars and citizens? The Columbine school shootings, and others like them, make the case for investing in the emotional lives of students before they self destruct and take others with them. Using the novel The AntiChrist Was Conceived in Queens and the companion preject curriculum will help to transform your classroom into a culture of order and growth, or strengthen it into a culture of service. Click here to learn how your classroom can benefit from preject training based on the very accessible and didactic novel, The AntiChrist Was Conceived in Queens.

We have also compiled a list of free educator resources to assist you in your efforts to coax greatness out of your students. We stand with and behind you as you champion the power of knowledge, which begins with self knowledge, to students confronted with so many challenges to knowing themselves. Feel free to use and share these resources, and be sure to leave your comments or questions for Earl below.

Preject Self-Assessment

Abridged Preject Pathology E-Book

Free Audio CD Lecture on Cracking the Code of Silence

Check this page often as we will add new free resources throughout the year.


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