We offer preject training for classrooms and organizations. Preject Training

Preject Training is a 15 week, 1 semester curriculum that takes preject trainees through the 5 G.R.A.C.E. steps, empowering them to both recognize and overcome the debilitating effects of parental rejection. The curriculum is scalable and adaptable to multiple learning environments, from educational classrooms (junior & senior high schools; colleges) to community programs, correctional institutions, summer and/or athletics camps, religious institutions, and anywhere people are gathered for instruction.

Unlike the many 12 step programs available to help people overcome addictions, G.R.A.C.E. is a 5 step soul-healing program developed specifically for prejects to bring full repair to cracked, broken, or shattered cistern-souls, and to build inner structure for full living (for most, for the very first time). Each step in the G.R.A.C.E process requires an inner decision and determination, and assistance from a higher power.

Materials include:
  1. The novel: The AntiChrist Was Conceived in Queens - story provides a unifying point of entry for the journey into identification and examination of principles, pathologies and prescriptions of parental rejection.
  2. The text: Overcoming Parental Rejection & Hurts - including an explanation of the 6 part preject syndrome, the 40 pathologies of prejection, an exhaustive analysis of the 5 steps to overcoming prejection, along with their applications, a full treatment of the Ten Commandments for Prejects, the 8 signs of an orphan heart, the 8 signs of sonship, and the 40 Parenting Skills every preject must acquire.
  3. The workbook: Overcoming Parental Rejection & Hurts--The Workbook - a 30 chapter application workbook and journal to facilitate intensive self-examination, discovery, and transformation.
Educator Training

In addition to the 15 week, 5 step preject training curriculum, we also offer a 1 day teacher in-service to equip and prepare educators to facilitate the training curriculum with confidence and maximum effectiveness. Teacher in-services are offered on-site or online. To request a teacher in-service at your institution, or to sign up for an online edition, click here.

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