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workshops, preject workshops, trainingThis was powerful! I especially appreciated the visuals, the video interviews, and the self-assessment.

~ Monique Jacobs, Cerritos College offers workshops to heal families and help people identify and overcome parental rejection. We think our workshops are pretty unique. And judging from the feedback we receive on them, they are also very effective. Currently, our director, Earl Middleton, presents all of our workshops. So, you are certain to get a true expert in parental rejection training at every single session. Some other features that make preject workshops the answer for your family training needs:

  • Each training is typically 3 hours long but can be condensed to accommodate organizational and/or audience needs.
  • Each workshop is also expandable into a full day seminar format.
  • They can even be presented as a one hour overview for Sunday morning church audiences.
  • Preject workshops are portable to your location.
  • We also provide built-in follow-up protocols to insure that your audience will see measurable results long after the workshop is completed.

Click the links below to explore the list of workshops currently available. Use the comment section to tell us about other topics you would like to see included in our preject training lineup.

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