child parent relationships, family, workshops, cpr, training

child parent relationships, family, workshops, cpr, training

Does your family fight a lot? Are there more arguments than laughter?

Do you feel like you're losing touch with and control over your children, and don't know what to do about it?

The Goal of the CPR Workshop is to produce caring, skilled parents for every child; and thereby create affirming households of love and peace that achieve their goals together. ~ Earl Middleton,

We are a generation that has not been parented well; not because our parents didn't love us, but simply because they were, more than any other generation of parents, just not present. As a result our generation exhibits many of the classic characteristics of preject syndrome. We are in fact the preject generation (as evidenced by so many pop culture movies and TV shows utilizing father absence and restoration storylines*) and our future life quality depends upon our ability to grasp and apply the five g.r.a.c.e. steps as a generation.

At what point does parenting failure become criminal? At what point does poor parenting begin to impact society?

One New York medical malpractice trial lawyer brings a claim for loss of parental guidance when a parent dies as a result of malpractice. How powerful is the impact of parental guidance that it constitutes a legally definable damage when it is taken away or goes missing? In the eyes of the court the assumption is that every child is endowed at birth with the inalienable right to parental guidance, love, and support. The idea is that access to the wisdom, love, and support of a parent, even in adulthood, is an inherently valuable and irreplaceable asset and benefit in life, and to have to do without it would be a hardship.

*32 Recent, Popular Movies with Father Absence & Restoration Storylines: [table id=3/] Who is the Family CPR Workshop for?

The Family CPR Workshop is for parents who see their family (child parent relationships) dying a slow death and don't know what to do about it. You don't have to give up, surrender to impending death, and become another statistic. You can revive your child parent relationships by taking this workshop and applying the lessons in your own life.

The workshop introduces the skills of...
  • CPR feng shui
  • release-forgiveness
  • boundary management
  • soul assessment & repair
  • yoke building, and
  • attitude adjustment
By the end of this workshop you will be able to resuscitate your child parent relationships by...
  • creating and maintaining a whole soul
  • establishing managing effective boundaries
  • creating a heart changing environment
  • provoking full forgiveness in yourself and your children, and
  • establishing new routines

In Family CPR you will learn that it's not the kid's job to change, it's the parent's; when the parent changes the kids will also. So, this is not a change-the-kid workshop, it's a change-the-parent workshop. And for parent leaders who are willing to grow through change, their families will manifest the benefits for a lifetime.

To experience the change that will resuscitate your family's child parent relationships click here.

To bring a Family CPR Workshop to your organization click here.

Take your next step in family restoration now. It's an investment that will pay dividends for life.

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