GRACEstepsThere are many things that can damage a soul, but only one proven, biblical method to heal it...The Five GRACE Steps™. Learn what they are, and how to make them work in your life. Almost one-half of all Americans live daily with a damaged soul, haunted by the refrain of the incomplete advice, “just get over it!” echoing in their minds. But how does one get over it? The Five GRACE Steps will show you how. The Five GRACE Stepsare proven biblical healing agents for soul repair no matter what the cause of damage, be it parental rejection, bullying, violent crime victimization, divorce, or any of a host of possibly caustic relationship experiences. Each step requires surrender to biblical truth and commitment to forceful soul action. And each step brings one closer to full soul healing and relationship restoration. Led by an overcomer who was rejected by his parents and also rejected his own children, The Five GRACE Steps workshop will introduce you to the healing GRACE of God and equip you to bring His presence to the hurting, soul-damaged people in your life, including those who have damaged your own soul. To experience the GRACE that will restore your soul click here. To bring a Five GRACE Steps™ Workshop to your organization click here. Take your next step in soul restoration now. It’s an investment that will pay dividends for life.

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