PM2Have you tried your best to be a good parent, but your child is still angry with you and hard to connect with?

Have your parents given you everything you’ve asked for, but it still doesn’t feel like enough and you don’t know why?

This workshop offers what every 21st Century parent now needs, Parental Malpractice Insurance, by revealing 20 Reasons Why Kids Feel Rejected, along with suggestions about what to do to avoid all 20 of them.

One New York medical malpractice trial lawyer brings a claim for loss of parental guidance when a parent dies as a result of malpractice. How powerful is the impact of parental guidance that it constitutes a legally definable damage when it is taken away or goes missing? In the eyes of the court every child is endowed at birth with the inalienable right to parental guidance, love, and support. Access to the wisdom, love, and support of a parent, even in adulthood, is an inherently valuable and irreplaceable asset and benefit in life, and to live without it constitutes a hardship.

Nearly 30 million American children woke up this morning without the presence of or access to a father who loves them. Consequently, 85% of all youth offenders are kids who have been rejected by their father. There is a clear, direct relationship between parental rejection and life outcomes.

Parental rejection produces deep scars that affect significant areas of a child's present and future, and addressing the reasons kids feel rejection is the beginning of the process toward eliminating parental rejection and its' limiting effects from our national landscape. Parental Malpractice Insurance: 20 Reasons Why Kids Feel Rejected (and how to avoid them) starts that conversation by revealing why so many kids feel rejected by a parent even when they have been given everything.

Led by a PRO (parental rejection overcomer) who was rejected by his parents and also rejected his own children, this workshop will help parents and their children to identify many of the not-so-obvious causes of rejection, heal their relationships, restore their souls, and enjoy the life they were designed to live.

To request Parental Malpractice Insurance coverage and attend the next training workshop click here. To bring a Parental Malpractice Insurance Workshop to your organization click here. Take your next step in family restoration now. It’s an investment that will pay dividends for life.

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