estore-40SKILLSWhat parental skills do you need to insure that your children will always feel accepted and loved?

Almost one-third of all Americans live daily with feelings of rejection from a parent, even though many of those parents have done their best to make sure their children felt accepted and loved. Did the parents miss something? Where did it all go wrong?

Parental rejection is not about the level of love a parent has for a child, but the parent’s level of skill and care. The 40 Parenting Skills workshop reveals the skills necessary to inoculate your family and quarantine them from the common and damaging virus of parental rejection.

This workshop outlines actions to be taken by parents, values to be embraced, modeled, and taught, and foundational beliefs to be shared by the entire family.

Led by a PRO (parental rejection overcomer) who was rejected by his parents and also rejected his own children, the 40 Parenting Skills workshop will help parents to create the kind of household that will produce happy, well-adjusted, loving and achieving children with whom they can enjoy relationship for the rest of their lives.

To begin developing parental skills that will inoculate your family against parental rejection click here.

To bring a 40 Parental Skills Workshop to your organization click here.

Take your next step in parental skills training and family development now. It’s an investment that will pay dividends for life.

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